Welcoming speech

Support Ulm e.V. is a non-profit organisation registered in Ulm, Germany. As already revealed in the name, Support e.V. operates according to the maxim “Problem-solving – instant and hands-on”.

This very befittingly describes the aim of this newly established association: In war and conflict areas and particularly in developing countries, Support e.V. aims to assist already existent medical projects in form of financial aid as well as other donations. In other words the association does not form another individual relief organization which plans and executes projects on its own, but instead it supports other established aid organisations where they can.


To me this approach is very promising and trendsetting and I wish “Support” many committed benefactors.




Ivo Gönner – Old-Mayor of Ulm/Germany


Who we are

Support Ulm e.V. is a registered charitable association, committed to support medical aid in third world countries.

The association was established by Prof. Dr. Heinz Maier along with Ulm/Germany residents with different occupational backgrounds. The association had its 10th year anniversary in 2015.


Managing Board:

  • Prof. Dr. Heinz Maier, Vorsitzender
  • Jürgen Dangel
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Tisch
  • Roland Stiehle

Advisory Board:

  • Wally Czernakowski
  • Gerhard Hirth
  • Hans Layer
  • Ekhard Maus
  • Prof. Dr. Siegfried Rübenacker
  • Hans-Erich Schilling
  • Burkhardt Schöffner
  • Dr. Erwin Störrle
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What we achieve

IMG_0869What we do

The medical care of people in third world countries, especially in conflict and war areas are still completely inadequate and difficult.

Support Ulm e.V. aims to transparently support selected, clearly defined medical projects by monetary- and donations in kind.

Support offers you the chance to provide effective humanitarian aid, which really does reach the people in need.




How we implement our objectiveseinrichtung-balkh

Support Ulm e.V. actively collects donations and sets up a donations account for every project. In the area of Ulm, the association hosts charity performances, whose net profit directly flows to an assigned project.

To ensure that donated funds are in fact delivered to the desired goal, we exclusively support projects backed up by state-run facilities in the recipient countries.

We preferably develop projects in war areas that are already locally supported by German aid organizations or the Federal Republic, since this ensures better control over the actual utilization of our donations.

Donation Form

Support Ulm e.V. appreciates any donation and ensures responsible use thereof, in accordance with the associations’ statutes and principles.

Kindly transfer your donation to our donations account, stating your name and address. Automatically you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for the donation made.

Sparkasse Ulm

IBAN:    DE49 63050000 0021 1179 27

(BIC:  SOLADES1ULM – not applicable inside European countries )